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The Age of Brass & Steam

Quite a name for a shawlette, huh?

This was quick & brainless – just the way I usually like my knitting. But it was my first tryst with Rowan Denim, & I had a great time. We might have to meet up again soon. Thankfully, I have 4 skeins left.



I wanna show you some stash, most of which is not new but I just got around to photographing.I’m really jazzed about this skein right now:

It’s Island Yarns, which I bought in 10/09 during our 10th-anniversary trip to Bar Harbor. It’s 70% wool 30% silk, bulky weight, about 175 yards or so. I’m borderline frantic to knit it up as a spring accessory, & last night tried casting on Pequito with it. I made a few mistakes in chart B and ripped the whole thing out to start again, but I really don’t think I have enough yarn. Especially considering the size 9 needle I used was a little too tight, and I’d go up to a 10. Grrrr.

I’m not sure about a hat with the silk content. I don’t want it to stretch out. I’d love a shawl/ette, but can’t find a pattern. Maybe mitts? Not interested in a cowl or short scarf. Can anyone help me??

Next – my 6 skeins of Rowan Denim:

I snagged them on sale for a shawl after I was inspired by Stephen‘s Denim Boneyard shawl (which I got to fondle in person.) I have this yarn queued up for Maya.

Central Yarn Shop in Portland is great for yarn like this:

They often have baskets in the floor full of off-dyelot skeins of Lamb’s Pride Worsted or Bulky. This isn’t the first one I’ve snagged from them. Quincy, maybe? (Speaking of Quincy, I got to fondle and try on a sample at The Woolery & fell more in love. I think I’ve been hesitating due to its “interesting construction”, but no more.)

Last but not least, 8 skeins of Reynolds Cricket at $2.49/skein from Marden’s:

But dammit! It’s DK weight!! So 900 yards is NOT a great amount of DK weight for my needs. Basically too much for some things (which is fine of course) and too little for others (like the short-sleeve pullover I was envisioning.) I have a question – Rav calls it DK weight with a gauge of 5sts/1″ on size 5 needles. Doesn’t that make it worsted on 5s? An inch is an inch, right? I’m confused about gauge and different yarn weights these days.

Still, beautiful yarn with a really nice feel in a favorite colorway of mine – blue/grey. Into the stash it goes.


My stash got a little bigger.

My fabulous friend Dub, who knows who she is, gifted me 2 deh-ca-dent skeins of Dream in Color Groovy. Yes, I’m very happy about it.

This weekend I got to visit The Woolery, which is an excellent LYS. I highly recommend it. I bought yet another skein of sock yarn I coveted but didn’t need. I will not apologize.

Instead, I bought a book full of new patterns especially for sock yarn. Problem solved.


The Yarn Lounge & Carytown

We stopped in Richmond partly to let me swing by The Yarn Lounge. I’m glad I did! It’s a cute, well-stocked shop……..well, except for the temporarily-empty local yarns basket!! My main target! Wah.

The button selection was fabulous, and displayed on a fun IKEA magnet board. I snagged a set of 6 for a baby pea coat I’m knitting up for a Christmas gift. I love finding the perfect buttons.

Here’s a small part of their New England Knits trunk show! Yay! I like how they have the Derry Cowl separate from its matching raglan:

The 3000-block of West Cary (or, apparently, Carytown!) is a super-fun, retro, art deco little gem, which was an added bonus! Seemed like an area on the comeback trail. The World of Mirth is a fantastic toy store that I coulda spent waaaaaaay more time in:

And then there’s Chop Suey:

And a fun old-fashioned cinema:

It was raining, or else there mighta been more/better photos. But we enjoyed our short stop in Carytown.


Scrunchable Scarf

Deck the halls with handknit gifts, I say! Here’s one I CAN show you, as it is for O’s teacher:

This is the Scrunchable Scarf, which is a free pattern found on-line. It’s the second one of these I’ve knit, and this time I seemed to figure out the selvage stitches. I slipped the first stitch of every row, and made the last stitch a knit stitch. To accomplish this, I added two stitches to the total number cast on.

I used a whole skein of Mmmmmmmalabrigo worsted, & I think the scarf could stand to be a little longer. But it’s soft, squishy & very scrunchable. Yummmmmy.



Herbivore is my first WestKnits FO, and I love it. It’s also my first Malabrigo Sock FO, & I love that too. The colorway is Rayon Vert.

The pattern is very intuitive after a few rows, and I love the way it naturaly curves around your shoulders. It’s an easy knit, and it can be very easily lengthened or shortened depending on how much yarn you have. I added a few repeats and a garter ridge at the end, and still had some yarn left.

What can I say about Malabrigo? Really? It’s da bomb. Period. My only regret is that I don’t have blocking wires. I think that would have improved the final result, but I’m still a very satisifed customer.


Cilla’s Shawl

Cilla started treatments this week for amyloidosis, a rare condition related to mylenoma. While it is not a form of cancer, treatment will include chemo and a stem cell transplant. As my family has been down this treatment road before, we very sadly can relate. All too well.

When I got this news about our family friend of 30 years, I jumped into action one of the only ways I know how – I knit her a shawl.

It’s Laura Chau’s Simple Yet Effective Shawl, knit from Adiago – a wool sock yarn from Yarn Place. It’s self-striping, which I thought went well with this simple pattern. The color reminds me of sunshine.  She was so thankful to receive it, and I am thankful for the ability to make this small gesture of love and support.