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I can’t hold off on a post any longer! I’d been hoping to have a FO for ya, but all I got’s some WIPs. They’ll have to do for now.

I’ve started my second Jelly Bean Sock, so here are a couple kinda-crappy shots of the first one:

I’m loving the Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock yarn, & am calling these my Spunky Spring Socks. The “lichen” colorway screams spring, right? The pattern is interesting – a little different. The top, heel and toe are all garter stitch, and I love garter stitch. I bailed on the top in garter as I worried it would be too loose. In retrospect, I wish I had tried doing them in a smaller needle to see how they came out, since, again, I love garter stitch. But I went with the old-standby 2×2 rib.

The heel is a short-row heel – my first – and is was fun to do. However, the lack of a gusset made the foot portion of the sock ennnnnndlesssssslyyyyyyy long, IMO. Kind of a drawback, but to doesn’t kill the heel style for me.

This shawl is for a longtime friend of my family who has been diagnosed with amyloidsis, which doesn’t sound like a very friendly condition.  Chemo is likely, as is a stem-cell transplant. The shawl is Laura Chau’s Simple Yet Effective Shawl, & I am loving the knit. I’m finding more & more that the more brainless the knit, the more enjoyment I get out of it. That disappoints me. I won’t cede to it entirely, not yet anyway.

The yarn is Yarn Place‘s Adaigo – a wool, fingering-weight yarn. It’s very nice to work with, and I’ll be interested to see how it blocks out. This will be my first block of a shawl. I quiver with anticipation.

And last but certainly not least – my second Wonderful Wallaby. I still love the pattern, although it apparently runs smaaaaaaaall. This may have happenned with the first one too, but I can’t recall for sure. Instead of a size 10 this is more like a 6. Annoying. Luckily, any size from 10 down to 4 will fit some boy in this house.

I did a standard every-other-row increase for the hood vs. the one-row increase in the pattern. Did the one-row increase for the sleeves. Loving the stripes &, of course, the Cascade 220.

Sorry QPGrumpasaurus will have to wait a little longer.