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Hungry Stitch

I just finished my 4th Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure & Simple.  Obviously, I love the pattern. But I tried to shake it up for myself this time around with a couple of new things. First is the yarn. This was my first experience knitting with Dream in Color yarn. I give it two thumbs up! Soft, washable wool in a gorgeous varigated green – seems like a perfect baby yarn! I would definitely use it again.

Here are some unblocked pics:

The other new-to-me thing about this sweater is Cat Bordhi’s “hungry stitch”. I assume I’m not only knitter out there annoyed by the loose slip-slip-knit decreases (SSKs)? Well, I finally went for it and did one sleeve in regular SSKs and the other using Cat’s hungry stitch method for acheiving trim and slim SSKs.

The unblocked photo below shows the regular SSK sleeve on top and the hungry stitch SSKs on the bottom:

You can clearly see the SSK slant stitches above. Below, while kinda bumpy, the SSKs are much harder to find. Since this was my first attempt at the hungry stitch, I’m thinking I might have done them too tight. I’m wondering if that’s why they’re so bumpy. I’m hoping a good block will help.

The technique was really easy – definitely more to remember than a regular SSK, but I plan to try to work it into my normal SSK routine. In the meantime, I’m thinking I might try to kill this skein with a cute little baby hat. Stay tuned.