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Rustic Hat with Hugs

This is my first chemo cap of the new year:

The “Hats with Hugs” program at Maine Medical Center provides knit and crochet hats from patients undergoing chemotherapy. This mission is a little closer to my heart now that my mother is a cancer survivor. For more information on “Hats with Hugs”, call Volunteer Services at (207)662-2205.

I snagged this skein of Cascade Rustic with charity in mind a few months back. I got it on sale from Anna at Knit Wit in Portland.  In a city with four yarn shops, I’d have to say Knit Wit is my fave.

This yarn is mostly wool with some linen mixed in. That explains the slight fuzz coming from the hat. The yarn is definitely soft and was a joy to knit. I hope that it works well as a hat in terms of durability and shape as well. 

The pattern is my go-to recipe for basic hats – Kim’s Hats (rav link) by Kim Hamlin, found in Last-minute Knitted Gifts. The fit came out great. I love it when that happens with a hat. Of course, chemo caps are a little easier on that front as you don’t know who the receipient will be!

Charity knits always give me a chance to reassess my queue and my priorities. I always have sooooooo many things I want to knit: that is a constant challenge for me, not only within the realm of my queue but within the larger landscape of my life.

When to knit, and what. Those are the questions!