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My stash got a little bigger.

My fabulous friend Dub, who knows who she is, gifted me 2 deh-ca-dent skeins of Dream in Color Groovy. Yes, I’m very happy about it.

This weekend I got to visit The Woolery, which is an excellent LYS. I highly recommend it. I bought yet another skein of sock yarn I coveted but didn’t need. I will not apologize.

Instead, I bought a book full of new patterns especially for sock yarn. Problem solved.


The Yarn Lounge & Carytown

We stopped in Richmond partly to let me swing by The Yarn Lounge. I’m glad I did! It’s a cute, well-stocked shop……..well, except for the temporarily-empty local yarns basket!! My main target! Wah.

The button selection was fabulous, and displayed on a fun IKEA magnet board. I snagged a set of 6 for a baby pea coat I’m knitting up for a Christmas gift. I love finding the perfect buttons.

Here’s a small part of their New England Knits trunk show! Yay! I like how they have the Derry Cowl separate from its matching raglan:

The 3000-block of West Cary (or, apparently, Carytown!) is a super-fun, retro, art deco little gem, which was an added bonus! Seemed like an area on the comeback trail. The World of Mirth is a fantastic toy store that I coulda spent waaaaaaay more time in:

And then there’s Chop Suey:

And a fun old-fashioned cinema:

It was raining, or else there mighta been more/better photos. But we enjoyed our short stop in Carytown.


Silk Ruffled Scarf……with Beads!

I gotta admit – I love it when family & friends make knitting requests. Whenever I give someone a knitted gift, I can’t be totally sure they like it…………unless they requested it! Here is a recent FO for my mom, per her request:

It’s a pattern from In the Loop yarn store that came along with the yarn. This shop is really cute & they carry a lot of unique yarns and patterns, like MadTosh, Rowan & Ysolda. This is a super-easy pattern they wrote for this yarn called All About Ruffles, & my mom was drawn to the shop sample. She ponied up for the 2 skeins the scarf needs and handed them over! Weee!

The yarn is Tilli Tomas Beaded Lace and it was my very first experience knitting with laceweight yarn OR with beads! Scary. At first, the scarf was coming out kinda uneven and I was getting all anal/OCD about it. Which got me to thinking about how the hell I would block something like this. Which sent me to the phone, callin’ up good old In the Loop. Gotta love that LYS service. The answer was DO NOT BLOCK 100% silk. The scarf will even out its shape as it gains length & hangs for a bit. They were right.

The beads are so pretty, but were a little challenging for me to knit with. I think a lot of my knitting problems come down to tension – I just knit too damn tight. So the string carrying the beads wasn’t getting knit along at the same tension as the strand of silk yarn. I would start to get a bump of string & would have to knit through it………not catastrophic, but annoying. Still worth it in the end!

Mum gets her scarf this weekend, rumor has it. Yay!