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The Age of Brass & Steam

Quite a name for a shawlette, huh?

This was quick & brainless – just the way I usually like my knitting. But it was my first tryst with Rowan Denim, & I had a great time. We might have to meet up again soon. Thankfully, I have 4 skeins left.


Springtide Cashmere

I guess we could call this a Christmas gift for ME! It’s truly decadent: 100% local cashmere from Springtide Farm which I bought at last year’s NETA Spa Weekend. The pattern came with it. It was my first laceweight project! It’s my Dots ‘n Spots Cashmere Scarf:

Doesn’t she look pretty blowin’ in the breeze?

It’s hard for me to find reasons to wear nice stuff like this (as I type at 1:30pm on New Year’s Day in fleece PJ pants and DH’s sweatshirt.) But I really can’t wait to treat my neck to some sweeeet softness.


Scrunchable Scarf

Deck the halls with handknit gifts, I say! Here’s one I CAN show you, as it is for O’s teacher:

This is the Scrunchable Scarf, which is a free pattern found on-line. It’s the second one of these I’ve knit, and this time I seemed to figure out the selvage stitches. I slipped the first stitch of every row, and made the last stitch a knit stitch. To accomplish this, I added two stitches to the total number cast on.

I used a whole skein of Mmmmmmmalabrigo worsted, & I think the scarf could stand to be a little longer. But it’s soft, squishy & very scrunchable. Yummmmmy.



Herbivore is my first WestKnits FO, and I love it. It’s also my first Malabrigo Sock FO, & I love that too. The colorway is Rayon Vert.

The pattern is very intuitive after a few rows, and I love the way it naturaly curves around your shoulders. It’s an easy knit, and it can be very easily lengthened or shortened depending on how much yarn you have. I added a few repeats and a garter ridge at the end, and still had some yarn left.

What can I say about Malabrigo? Really? It’s da bomb. Period. My only regret is that I don’t have blocking wires. I think that would have improved the final result, but I’m still a very satisifed customer.


A Wonderful Wallaby for……..Who?

It’s done! And it flew, by the way. I can’t say for sure why, but I finished it in about 5 weeks with much work on many other projects in between. Here’s the rav link. And here’s the sweater:

C,mon.  How damn cute is that. It was knit as a size 10 for C, & it came out as a size 5/6. Annoying, but it all worked out – lucky O. I used Cascade 220 from the stash and love how the color combo and rugby striping came out. Fun.

Let’s see if I can remember the few mods I made………I used the YO pouch-start mod discussed here. I also did a classic hood increase up the back, every other row, for about 16-20 rows – don’t remember. The patterns has you add all the sts evenly across the first row of the hood, which I did do as instructed for the sleeves and waist. I closed off the hood using kitchener stitch…..the pattern might call for that.

So that’s 2 Wallabies down, & more in the future! But next time, I’ll size up.


An Easter Miracle

See my banner above? That was sock #1. And I was so happy with sock #1 that I made it my banner. Sock #2? DONE! They’re both done! It was an Easter miracle! After nine months, a pair of socks was born on Sunday.

{Flat-enough feet?}

I love this yarn (see Navajo Sky) and I love the pattern. Why nine months, you ask? No reason, really. Part of it was that it was night-only knitting (that is, kid-free, I-must-concentrate knitting). The yarn is local and gorgeous and soft, and I love these colors. The pattern was easy to memorize and recognize, providing just enough interest without burning the few brain cells I have left. It’s a great pattern for handdyed or varigated yarns – it really shakes up the coloring. Fun stuff!


FO: Curly-Q Baby Hat

So when I finished up this sweater, I had roughly 50 yards of yarn left?? Hard to say, but it wasn’t much. I figured it was very little commitment to attempt a baby hat with the leftovers.


Came out cute, huh? I cast on 60 stitches and knit 4.25″ from the bottom edge (rolled) I did two even rows during my decreasing before I chickened out and started frantically finishing out the decreases as my yarn disappeared. Turns out I coulda done 1-2 more even rows, as I had enough for a crazy curly-Q i-cord (with a knot) and a couple yards left after that.

Do you keep a couple yards of leftover, or do you toss it? How little do you consider not-enough-to-save? I’m curious.

This baby boy’s shower is in 2 or 3 weeks – can’t wait!