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March Madknits

I entered a bracket into the March Madknits pool again this year, and by some miracle I once again placed!! Each year, I loose my overall winner early and stop paying attention. And each year at tournament’s end, I find out I qualified for a prize. I’m telling you, it is truly madness.

Know what else is madness? The FABULOUSITY of the prize package I received from Wichita, Kansas. I was blown away. The amazing Shelly of Twist Yarn Shop sent me the following items:

a skein of Fiesta Baby Boom yarn

a box of decadent chocolates from Pam at Cero’s Candies in Wichita

some Twist swag (a notions container & a pen)

AND a handsewn project bag from a friend of Shelly’s!!

I am LOVING my loot.  My thanks to Shelly, Pam & everyone who donated goodies!


Baby Sweaters

I’m really into knitting with sock yarn these days, especially is the WIPs are not socks. (I have emerged from my sock funk this weekend, but that’s for another post.) I whipped up these two sweaters in the last month or so, & had fun doing it! I think that’s in large part due to using great yarn & great patterns. Seems like a duh moment, but it gets me very time.

1.) Use the best yarn you can.

2.) Don’t do battle with a pattern.

Here is Hannah Fettig‘s Sock Yarn Sweater, using Three Irish GirlsAdorn Sock:

And here is Knitting Kninja‘s Surtsey cardigan, using Spud & Chloe Fine and Shibui Sock:

Snagged some solid blue buttons for it at Central Yarn on Saturday, so it’s almost done done. Colorwork still scares me, but I need to go for it more often because the results are so fun!!


A New Blunder

Well, at least for me.

I recently bound off and blocked another shawl for charity, made from yarn sold to support a local charity. And as I laid it out to dry, I spied in horror a dropped stitch! ARGH! See it pinned below:

Waaaah. I wung it on the repair. I carried the stitch back up the ladder, & then used a long piece of leftover yarn to weave through the dropped stitch and then out a few inches from either side of it. I think that should hold it in place OK, & I don’t think you can really tell. Here’s the repair:


I turned it in to Gail at prayer shawl ministry yesterday. The ladies seemed to approve. It’s super-soft. I think it’ll get some love somewhere.


Wollmeise Hitchhiker

I received my first skein of Wollmeise 2 Christmases ago, and there it sat in my stash waiting for a project that could possibly be worthy of such greatness. Seeing as I’m a garter lover, I recently came across a shawl that called to me and my wonderful Wollmeise – Hitchhiker.

Super-brainless-easy pattern with a fun result, & it really played to the brilliance of Wollmeise colors. I love how mine turned out. (I guess you can tell it’s not blocked in this photo? Looks a little wonky.)

With spring here (I hear), I’m hoping to bust out the growing shawl collection a little more! They’re fun to knit, so they gotta be fun to wear. Right?


Hedgie the Hedgehog

My mom likes hedgehogs. So I made her one for her birthday.

This is a very quick knit, and the pattern is easy to follow. It calls for worsted weight yarn all around, but the off-white I used is DK. No biggie.

My seaming was slightly wonky, so his underside is a little lopsided.

Also, I wonder if I shoulda made a mod and tied the feet in before stuffing him, as my mom managed to pull one off in the first 5 seconds she had him. All I did was pull the 2 ends per each foot through the hedgehog and out, and then trimmed off.

Luckily, I am a surgeon in the knitting world, & his foot was re-attached without incident. Good as new. Right, Hedgie?


Birthday Stash

I got some fabulous yarn for my birthday last month.  My MIL and step-FIL got me a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe, which might be my very favorite on-line yarn store. It burned a hole in my pocket for all of 5 minutes. Here’s my purchase:

It’s a skein of Anne from Schaefer Yarn, in the colorway Cabin in the Woods. It’s a big, fat, 560-yard skein with a touch of fuzzy mohair in it. Love. And of course, just for your reference, I’ll include a link to my Loopy wish list. Just for shits & giggles. Anyway.

Next is a lot of 6 skeins I received from my mom. I know! My mother of all people! Let’s just leave it at…..I don’t think she approves of my knitting habit. But yay mom! Maybe it was just because this yarn is for a sweater for C. Anyway, it’s Remix from Berroco, which I’ve been dying to try and seems good for rough-n-tumble kidswear.

I’ve been wanting to knit up this sweater, and was eyeing it for this yarn until I remembered the pattern is written for bulky-weight yarn. {sigh} So in my queue it remains.


A Groovy Republic Hat

Remember when I got this awesome yarn from my friend Dub?

Half of it has been transformed & shipped abroad! I love that.

It’s the Republic Hat knit in Dream in Color’s Groovy yarn, which is chunky weight. The yarn is fabulous, and the hat is so simple. I had actually bought an awesome wooden button for this project but it turned out to be way too thick for the hat. So I snagged these four from my memere’s (now my) button stash.

It was actually soooo hard to give this away! Thank goodness for the extreme generosity of Dub – I may just use that 2nd skein on another Republic Hat.  🙂