Got a couple of recent neckwear FOs to show off. One was a real quickie, and the other was my car project for a few months (which does NOT mean I ever knit on it while driving, for the record).

Here’s the quickie – the Chickadee Cowl from Kristen Kapur:

I made this out of Malabrigo Chunky from the stash. I love linen stitch- it’s kinda hypnotic. I did cut the yarn once to mess with the pooling a little bit. I don’t really like pooling.

I had to go down a 1/2 needle size ’cause I didn’t have a 10.5, and the cowl came out a touch tight in my opinion pre-blocking. But I think it blocked out nicely, & hope the teacher recipient will like it!

Here’s the slightly eternal (6 months) Boneyard Shawl for the prayer ministry:

It’s out of Sandnes Garn‘s Tove yarn – my mom snagged a bag of it for me on the cheap a while back from Fresh Purls. It’s sport-weight, and pretty scratchy. It’s softened somewhat with blocking but not 100%. I may end up felting the rest of the skeins I have. We shall see.


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