Baby Sweaters

I’m really into knitting with sock yarn these days, especially is the WIPs are not socks. (I have emerged from my sock funk this weekend, but that’s for another post.) I whipped up these two sweaters in the last month or so, & had fun doing it! I think that’s in large part due to using great yarn & great patterns. Seems like a duh moment, but it gets me very time.

1.) Use the best yarn you can.

2.) Don’t do battle with a pattern.

Here is Hannah Fettig‘s Sock Yarn Sweater, using Three Irish GirlsAdorn Sock:

And here is Knitting Kninja‘s Surtsey cardigan, using Spud & Chloe Fine and Shibui Sock:

Snagged some solid blue buttons for it at Central Yarn on Saturday, so it’s almost done done. Colorwork still scares me, but I need to go for it more often because the results are so fun!!


1 Response to “Baby Sweaters”

  1. 1 Jenn
    April 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Those are great!! I just finished Presto Chango, worsted weight but you might like it…parts were a bit never ending but the front panel is fun!

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