Birthday Stash

I got some fabulous yarn for my birthday last month.  My MIL and step-FIL got me a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe, which might be my very favorite on-line yarn store. It burned a hole in my pocket for all of 5 minutes. Here’s my purchase:

It’s a skein of Anne from Schaefer Yarn, in the colorway Cabin in the Woods. It’s a big, fat, 560-yard skein with a touch of fuzzy mohair in it. Love. And of course, just for your reference, I’ll include a link to my Loopy wish list. Just for shits & giggles. Anyway.

Next is a lot of 6 skeins I received from my mom. I know! My mother of all people! Let’s just leave it at…..I don’t think she approves of my knitting habit. But yay mom! Maybe it was just because this yarn is for a sweater for C. Anyway, it’s Remix from Berroco, which I’ve been dying to try and seems good for rough-n-tumble kidswear.

I’ve been wanting to knit up this sweater, and was eyeing it for this yarn until I remembered the pattern is written for bulky-weight yarn. {sigh} So in my queue it remains.


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