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Happy Hats & a Hare

My Melissa in Massachusetts has three little cutie pies (& a bun in the oven!) & I love knitting for them. For J I chose a pattern that reminded me of the Cape.

It’s a modified version of Swell from Knitty. I used some Briggs & Little and snagged the little fish button in Charlottesville.

For I, I made a hat with an owl theme, which reminded me of our trip to the York Animal Kingdom.

All the buttons are from my grandmother’s stash. I’m terrified the hat’s too small. Fingers & toes crossed!

And to Little Miss M went a sweet little bunny:

It was super-stinkin’-easy to make, and could be infinitely modified. Great pattern.

Miss all you H’s down in Mass.! Hope to catch up with Mama H in the next few weeks……….


Two Maddoxes

Time to start showing off some Christmas knitting! Some of these gifts were finished long ago, so ignore the dust that has built up on the photos.

Allow me to introduce you to Rose’s Maddox:

and to Ellie’s Maddox:

They became good sisters/friends before they were shipped off to their new home in Massachusetts. I hope they’re getting settled in OK. They were so fun and easy to make in good old Plymouth Encore Chunky with buttons from my grandmother’s stash – they will definitely find their way back to my queue again.


The Deirdre Shawl(ette)

I made this Deirdre shawl for my mom’s cousin for Christmas. It was a pretty last-minute thing, so it became one of those WIPs that took all my stitchin’ time over the last 5 days. (The color is true in the first photo only!)


* I screwed up the lace in a couple different rows, but I don’t think it matters a whole lot.

* I think I need a tutorial on using blocking wires. Look at the edging!! It got stretched out by the wires due to how I slid them in, but I think it kinda works out OK.

* I messed up the outer YOs in the stockinette section, which I think made the shawl more stout, and maybe smaller overall? So I guess I should be calling it a shawlette.

* I loved knitting this up with Quince & Co.‘s Chickadee, in colorway Cypress. I bought these two skeins on a whim becasue the color is TO DIE FOR. But I also love Chickadee’s sproing factor – it’s got nice bounce.

I’m now plugging away on the very last Christmas knit of the season – thank GOD. I’ll be happy to get back to some selfish knitting.  {grumble bah humbug grumble}


Tree Decorations

Yup, time to show off a couple ornaments I made for some 5-year-old friends (who don’t read this blog). In fact, I had these friends (b/g twins who are one day younger than O&T!) choose their own patterns. This is the pattern Soph chose, and here’s the FO:

This was super-quick and came out really cute! I used some leftover stash from Tess, and improvised the loop at the top. I’m pretty sure I used M1 increases along the sides but they produced some pretty big (decorative! I swear!) holes. I know I didn’t use YOs, so who knows what the deal is there.

Si is a worldly little guy, apparently:

I happened to have some Cascade Fixation in the stash for this one, too! Love that. This one was a challenge due to the carries along the inside. Some areas definitely came out a little uneven due to carries that were too short, esp. down in the southern hemisphere. But it’s a great chart and I’d definitely use it again!



I made this baby sweater for my church’s annual Christmas fair. It’s called Ciaran, by Jennifer Hagan. She designs some wonderful pieces. I own a few of her patterns, but this was my first attempt at Ciaran.

I did it in the round, and the sleeves from the top down by picking up stitches.  It was pretty simple to execute, & I think it came out cute. It probably isn’t my very favorite fisherman’s schematic, but I like it just fine. I used a sewn bind-off for the neck to ensure some extra stretchiness. I also went with some old-standby Plymouth Encore Worsted from the stash.  It’s formerly from my cousin‘s stash, but she destashed (ie – gave!) it to me a while back. Win!

I have no idea whether it sold, or how much they were asking for it. But I can dream.

I’m typing with my mmmmmmalabrigo fetching mitts on, & my hands are thanking me.