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The pilot cap is ON.

Well, the cap I made for J that looked sooooo verrrrry small fits him just perfectly as a 7-pound newborn. It worked out really well because it ended up being the only hat they have on-hand that fits him right now, AND it’s super-freakin’-cute to boot.

It was very bummed out to see a HOLE develop in the left front area that you can see very well in the 3rd photo. (The hole did not occur until after these photos were taken.) I very sadly view the yarn as the culprit – the yummy Quince Chickadee. The hat had only been worn for 3 days, and had not exactly taken a beating. I did manage to seal it up with a little weaving and a knot without adding any new yarn (which I didn’t have on hand).

I still have 2.5 skeins of Chickadee in the stash and plan to use it with fingers crossed! I can’t give up on it just yet.