Brattleboro Hat

I love love love New England Knits. I’m embarassed that it took this long for me to knit something from it, but finally I can present to you my Brattleboro Hat.

I bought the buttons in Carytown for Rowan’s sweater, but they were too big. Two of the six found a perfect home here – the true color shows much better in the photos of the hat on my head. They have a deep wine hue.

The yarn, well, speaks for itself frankly. My separation from Malabrigo Worsted had been much too long, and I relished diving back into it. It is just so delicious. And this color (Purple Mystery) is just beyond. I bought the skein a year ago or so only because I HAD to have it, and have saved it all this time for ME. mineminemine.

{Eyebrow Gone Wild!}

I usurped a couple of buttonband mods I found on rav that I liked. I didn’t actually knit a tab, but just knit the band a couple inches longer so I got some overlap. Then I loosely stitched the flap down on the inside, and sewed the buttons right thru the band – no holes needed.

Can’t wait to wear it out!


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