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Funky Chunky Mitts

Here’s a Christmas gift FO I can show y’all – Funky Chunky Mitts. These are for one of the boys’ teachers, and are knit of delicious Mmmmmmmalabrigo Chunky in the Ibiza colorway.

I liked this pattern, and I would definitely gift these again. Super-easy, super-soft and comfy, and the ribbing gives the fabric some great stretch.  Many thanks to Lindsey for the free pattern!


The pilot cap is ON.

Well, the cap I made for J that looked sooooo verrrrry small fits him just perfectly as a 7-pound newborn. It worked out really well because it ended up being the only hat they have on-hand that fits him right now, AND it’s super-freakin’-cute to boot.

It was very bummed out to see a HOLE develop in the left front area that you can see very well in the 3rd photo. (The hole did not occur until after these photos were taken.) I very sadly view the yarn as the culprit – the yummy Quince Chickadee. The hat had only been worn for 3 days, and had not exactly taken a beating. I did manage to seal it up with a little weaving and a knot without adding any new yarn (which I didn’t have on hand).

I still have 2.5 skeins of Chickadee in the stash and plan to use it with fingers crossed! I can’t give up on it just yet.


Brattleboro Hat

I love love love New England Knits. I’m embarassed that it took this long for me to knit something from it, but finally I can present to you my Brattleboro Hat.

I bought the buttons in Carytown for Rowan’s sweater, but they were too big. Two of the six found a perfect home here – the true color shows much better in the photos of the hat on my head. They have a deep wine hue.

The yarn, well, speaks for itself frankly. My separation from Malabrigo Worsted had been much too long, and I relished diving back into it. It is just so delicious. And this color (Purple Mystery) is just beyond. I bought the skein a year ago or so only because I HAD to have it, and have saved it all this time for ME. mineminemine.

{Eyebrow Gone Wild!}

I usurped a couple of buttonband mods I found on rav that I liked. I didn’t actually knit a tab, but just knit the band a couple inches longer so I got some overlap. Then I loosely stitched the flap down on the inside, and sewed the buttons right thru the band – no holes needed.

Can’t wait to wear it out!


Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap

Thanks for the input, ladies!! Much appreciated. I think I might have it narrowed down to Cassidy or Celtic Icon (I would use only one color). Still contemplating. But I am suddenly very stoked about a Tomten Jacket (seen here) for C in royal blue with some light and dark brown striping. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Here is the last, and least in size, gift for Baby S – a Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap in Quince‘s Chickadee yarn, color Bird’s Egg.

It is so.damn.cute. It looks a little small to me, but I think it will stretch well and I used sport-weight yarn vs. fingering. So my fingers are crossed. This might be the first time I have used hand-wash yarn for a baby or child garment. My thinking is that it’s a hat and should be out of the direct line-of-fire, so to speak. It’s also newborn size, and won’t be worn for very long. Plus I love the yarn and really wanted to try it.

I can’t wait to see it on!!


Help me pick a hoodie.

{FYI – this is a Ravelry-friendly post. Sorry to those who can’t see these links!!}

I’ve had this yarn burning a hole in my stash forever now, and I wanna pick an intricate hoodie pattern to use it on. I guess I have about 1880 yards, and would be making a larger size. Like an XL.

OK, here are the patterns I’ve narrowed it down to. Help me choose!! Let me know what your fave is and why.

Providence Hoodie

Susie Hoodie

Oonas Hoodie

Celtic Icon






This kit from Purl Diva was a splurge for me, and when I bought it I had no idea who it would go to. Surprise! It’s going to Baby S.! And I love the final result.

This is the Rocketry Cardigan:

Such a damn cute little piece. Of course, I noticed at the very end that I forgot the decorative slipped stitched on the sleeves. Sigh. Oh well. This is definitely a versatile pattern, and now that I think about it I have tons of Vintage and Sweater leftovers in girly colors. Hmmmmmm.