The Yarn Lounge & Carytown

We stopped in Richmond partly to let me swing by The Yarn Lounge. I’m glad I did! It’s a cute, well-stocked shop……..well, except for the temporarily-empty local yarns basket!! My main target! Wah.

The button selection was fabulous, and displayed on a fun IKEA magnet board. I snagged a set of 6 for a baby pea coat I’m knitting up for a Christmas gift. I love finding the perfect buttons.

Here’s a small part of their New England Knits trunk show! Yay! I like how they have the Derry Cowl separate from its matching raglan:

The 3000-block of West Cary (or, apparently, Carytown!) is a super-fun, retro, art deco little gem, which was an added bonus! Seemed like an area on the comeback trail. The World of Mirth is a fantastic toy store that I coulda spent waaaaaaay more time in:

And then there’s Chop Suey:

And a fun old-fashioned cinema:

It was raining, or else there mighta been more/better photos. But we enjoyed our short stop in Carytown.


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