The Needle Lady

We just spent 10 days on a trip through Virginia. We drove there and back, and I only managed to hit two yarn shops. Sad though that may seem, save your tissues because………I didn’t buy any yarn!!! I know.

The first shop I visited, and in tragically hurried fashion (thank you, ILs……..oh, and damn store hours), was The Needle Lady in Charlottesville. It was a gem, and deserved far more time than the 15 minutes I gave it. (Look, there’s a Maddox in the window!)

The woman staffing at the shop was even from Springvale! It seems like everywhere I go, the Maine fiber world is almost always represented. More to come on that.

I loved these little 65-yarn mini-skeins, shown in the bowls below. It was $3.75 each, superwash worsted weight. As the tag said, why buy 220 yard when you only need 65?

I loved the shawl sample shown below, but didn’t make note of the pattern.

Hey – there’s some Maine! Hi, Hannah.

Fabulous buttonness, huh? I got a red fishy one for a certain holiday gift hat for a certain someone. Damn this secrecy!

And another Maddox!! I find this funny because I just finished my first Maddox of a pair going to some siblings friends for Christmas. Maddox is so stinking cute and easy!!! Love love love.

Next up – capitol of the confederacy!


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