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Thanks for the giraffe love, folks!  Here’s another gift for Meg’s baby boy – the Grrr washcloth from Knitty.

How frickin’ cute is that? And it was soooooo easy to make. Definitely will be a go-to gift for me in the future. The only aggrevation was the pooling yarn, which required periodic cutting of the yarn to try to stagger the pools. I think it worked out fine.

Grrr, meet Giraffe:


The shower is OVER!

I can finally share some baby knits!! Yippeeeeee!

Meet the Giraffe:

I love the way he came out, and many thanks to Rae Lynne, who used this color scheme first! I used Berocco Vintage in worsted weight – a soft standby washable yarn. The tons of different bits and pieces in this pattern kept things interesting and gave my knitter’s shoulder some built-in breaks!

Yay, Q!

(thanks for the photo, Laura!)


The Yarn Lounge & Carytown

We stopped in Richmond partly to let me swing by The Yarn Lounge. I’m glad I did! It’s a cute, well-stocked shop……..well, except for the temporarily-empty local yarns basket!! My main target! Wah.

The button selection was fabulous, and displayed on a fun IKEA magnet board. I snagged a set of 6 for a baby pea coat I’m knitting up for a Christmas gift. I love finding the perfect buttons.

Here’s a small part of their New England Knits trunk show! Yay! I like how they have the Derry Cowl separate from its matching raglan:

The 3000-block of West Cary (or, apparently, Carytown!) is a super-fun, retro, art deco little gem, which was an added bonus! Seemed like an area on the comeback trail. The World of Mirth is a fantastic toy store that I coulda spent waaaaaaay more time in:

And then there’s Chop Suey:

And a fun old-fashioned cinema:

It was raining, or else there mighta been more/better photos. But we enjoyed our short stop in Carytown.


The Needle Lady

We just spent 10 days on a trip through Virginia. We drove there and back, and I only managed to hit two yarn shops. Sad though that may seem, save your tissues because………I didn’t buy any yarn!!! I know.

The first shop I visited, and in tragically hurried fashion (thank you, ILs……..oh, and damn store hours), was The Needle Lady in Charlottesville. It was a gem, and deserved far more time than the 15 minutes I gave it. (Look, there’s a Maddox in the window!)

The woman staffing at the shop was even from Springvale! It seems like everywhere I go, the Maine fiber world is almost always represented. More to come on that.

I loved these little 65-yarn mini-skeins, shown in the bowls below. It was $3.75 each, superwash worsted weight. As the tag said, why buy 220 yard when you only need 65?

I loved the shawl sample shown below, but didn’t make note of the pattern.

Hey – there’s some Maine! Hi, Hannah.

Fabulous buttonness, huh? I got a red fishy one for a certain holiday gift hat for a certain someone. Damn this secrecy!

And another Maddox!! I find this funny because I just finished my first Maddox of a pair going to some siblings friends for Christmas. Maddox is so stinking cute and easy!!! Love love love.

Next up – capitol of the confederacy!


More Neckwear

I’m off & running on yet another neck accessory. You’d think I’d lost a chin or two and wanted to show it off. But alas, no. I just like to knit.

This is the Dots ‘n Spots Cashmere Scarf from Springtide Farm.


I got the skein from them at NETA SPA weekend and got to choose a pattern as well.

The yarn color in the second photo is the true color. This is my first cashmere project and my first laceweight project. Big stuff!

I’m looking forward to the tons of knitting time I’ll have on my upcoming road trip to Virginia! I’m actually finished with my baby shower knitting & am focusing now on Christmas. Lots of cute stuff to get on the needles, including toys!! Cuteness!