I’m wipin’ it good.

Well, this blog stretch has been as sad as I predicted. Yes, I have been knitting. And yes, it’s all been secret knitting. {sigh} Don’t get me wrong – I’m proud of myself for getting my ass in gear on the holiday knits far enough in advance this year. However, it hurts the blogging.

Here’s the WIP List:

1.) my Lucy bag, which I cast on in May but I’m plowin’ ahead on it this week with fall in view. I’m hoping it’ll be a great fall bag, keeping in mind that felting is a total crap shoot.  I even wanna try lining it by hand with some fun fabric.

2.) a secret, and fun, baby knit

3.) a gift garment for my cousin’s youngest. She’ll be pushing a year old around Christmas. It’s coming along super-cute, & I’m hoping to snag some spot-on 1″ buttons for it.

4.) winter boot, knee-high socks for Soph. These are basically a test run to see how Mom feels about the softness and washability before I plow ahead with a few more pairs for Soph & her twin. I’m a little worried about size, as S asked to include some fingering-weight glittery stuff along with the Vanna base yarn (how adorably girly is that). I’m wondering if I should go down a size to compensate. We shall see! Of course, I technically could include a pic of these in progress, but I don’t have one taken. Sorry.

That’s it from here. Happy knitting, my friends! Fall is here!


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