Nezinscot Boneyard

MIL’s Christmas present? Check.

Meet her Boneyard Shawl in Nezinscot worsted wool:

I’m happy with the way this turned out, especially in this gorgeous subtle colorway. I think I had enough yarn for one more pattern repeat, but it seemed like the shawl was already huge so I went ahead with the garter edge and added a couple rows to it. It’s definitely big enough, especially considering my MIL is a waif. But I though it was gonna be huge. Not the case.

The yarn is a farmy wool, including the occasional piece of straw. So drape it does not have, but it is warm and thick. It’s slightly itchy, but I figure it won’t be touching much skin. I hope it will soften a little more with use.

Big fat thanks to Nezincot, who opened up the shop for me when I rolled in an hour after closing and very pathetically realized that fact. I’m sure I was a sad sight, & when they found out that I was en route from Mount Blue and don’t live nearby, they took pity on me.  Love.


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