Maine’s Fiber Frolic

Finally, this year I made it to the Fiber Frolic. It was well worth the trip! It was a very rainy weekend, but clearly I was meant to be in attendance as the rain held off during my visit. Nice.

Let’s start with a very small selection of the fibery animals themselves! So soft & cute.

Hope Spinnery‘s booth was edible, as you can see.

I wish wish wish I could remember which booth this was, but I just love seeing the spun samples of different fibers!

My peeps working one of the vendor halls………………

And our very favorite (& I think the fave of many others as well) – String Theory Yarn. It’s just sooooooooo good. And I have 2-3 skeins sitting in my stash, bought months ago. And so, I exercised GREAT restraint and bought a kit for the purple/yellow hat you see in the upper right corner. The kit hat comes in two shades of blue.

My other purchase was 2 skeins of Basic Bunny from Oasis Farm Fiber Mill for a cuffed shawl. It’s super-soft thanks to a touch of angora.  

The grub was great, too. It was an all-around great day!


1 Response to “Maine’s Fiber Frolic”

  1. June 15, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Oh look! Lucille Ball! hee hee.
    Hey guess what! I placed an order for String Theory Caper Sock yarn for the shop yesterday. Should be here in mid-to-late July, I think.

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