Some Sad Stash

So, in case you locals haven’t heard, the Knitting Experience Cafe in Brunswick is closing its doors. I’ve shopped there a number of times, and Chesley & I have chatted on-line about some important kid-type stuff. I was very selfishly sad to see she’s folding up her tent, but happy for her and her family as the embark on this new era of theirs. It’s a good thing!

So here’s the sad stash I scored at her going-out-of-business sale (which is ongoing!), starting with some Spud & Chloe Fine:

I’ve used S&C’s Sweater yarn, & was very satisfied with it.

Here my new skein of Maine’s own K1C2‘s Ty-dy Sock:

I’ve never used any of their yarn, but have heard good things about this stuff.

And finally, the skein I’ve already got on the needles – my first Mmmmmmmmalabrigo Sock:

Yup, it’s pretty decadent. I’m turning it into Herbivore, & enjoying it immensely. I love how the color’s turning out.

I must say, for the record, that I’m still stashing down like a fiend this year, & I’m proud of it!! It’s just hard to pass up a deal. You know how it is. I showed remarkable restraint.


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