Last Weekend’s Loot – Part II

So, I killed at spa and then moved right on to other targets. It had been too long since I spent some time at Purl Diva, & thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a stinkin’ cute little shop.

I’m going to lead with a skein that came from Purl Diva, but was not purchased by me. It was gifted to me by friend and partner-in-spa-crime Christine for my birthday. I mean…….OMG!!!! TIG!!!!!

What a gorgeous sock skein – lovelovelove. Now that‘s a gift.

I grabbed my first skein of DIC Classy in GoGoGrassy for a baby sweater, and dug into it quick. I’m loving how the colors are developing & the yarn is very nice to work with.

I had to snag this kit sitting by the register, for some future baby yet to be conceived by someone other than me. It such a cute little sweater in a boy sorta way, & I never buy kits so it was a bit of a treat. I love it. And I may very well knit it up before it even has a target.

Ellen also set aside a copy of the Fiber Trends Magic Loop booklet for me, which I have been fighting to put off until I finish my Aquaphobia socks. I’m trying reeeeeeal haaarrrrd to be the shepard patient knitter.

At the wonderful Knitting Experience Cafe, I grabbed the adorable Berroco DK Baby booklet, mostly for this pattern. Sooooooo freakin’ adorable. And amazingly, that’s all I got there. Probably because my credit card was too hot to touch. {sigh}

Welp, looks like I got some knitting to do! Yippeee!


1 Response to “Last Weekend’s Loot – Part II”

  1. 1 amy
    March 5, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    That’s the sort of (child-free) weekend I aspire to some day. Well done!!

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