Motor Baby Bunting

My cousin Elizabeth (here she is on ravelry) is about to have her 4th child. Eeeeek! So here’s what I decided to make for this sweet baby:

It’s the Motor Baby Bunting (rav link) from Knitted Gifts, by Ann Budd. I used Encore Chunky in a pink heather main color and a purple heather trim. Part of why I choose this pattern was to challenge myself, & I figured with it being a gift and all I couldn’t back out last minute. And although I seriously considered hiring out the zipper, I hung in there! Of course I’m glad I did.

It was my second zipper installation & it was tough with the curved bottom seam. After many restarts, I think I got it in there pretty well, but realized toward the end I picked the wrong color zipper. Shoulda gone with the purple so the dark thread would be visible on the inside, particularly during diaper changes.

This was my very first use of any crochet!! Woooooo hoooooo. This is a hurdle I’m very happy to have finally jumped over! It was easy; I used this book that I bought from this store. I’m so glad I did. I really like the single crochet accent seams, which add nice shape and interest to the garment. I’m looking forward to not running far away from the word crochet anymore!! (Well, when found in knit patterns, that is)

I love the hole for the car seat buckle. I certainly bumped into that problem as a first-time parent! Very cute design overall. Here are my mods:

1.) Used knit seed stitch on the head and arm trims vs. crochet,

2.) Made the buckle hole 2 or 4 stitches bigger than called for – just to be safe,

3.) Used bulky weight yarn instead of superbulky. I think the sizing still came out fine, but superbulky woulda been even safer,

4.) Used kitchener stitch instead of 3-needle bind off on the hood.

Good luck, cousin!


1 Response to “Motor Baby Bunting”

  1. 1 Beth
    January 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    And I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to use it!!! BTW, didn’t catch the crochet accent till you mentioned it. . .I think I may grab that book if you swear it will get me past that particular hurdle. .. so many cute patterns (Lucinda Guy comes to mind) finish with crochet!

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